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I know I don't look my age but I sure do feel like it. I'm into all kinds of music and I'm very passionate about my photography. I'm into all of that artsy fartsy stuff. LA being my second home and all, I've grown accustomed to walking. And I've realized that no matter how many hours I work, how much I get paid, or how much I try to save, I will always and forevermore be broke. But I'm trying to make things happen for myself. I'm very ambitious and sometimes that gets me into trouble because I'm always trying to do a million things at once.

"I may still not know what I want to be when I grow up, but I do know that someday I want to live in a house filled with my books and travel souvenirs. And the walls that aren’t covered in bookshelves will be covered with photos of my family and friends. When I leave the house I will be going to a job I love, and I’ll return to a person I love. So, that’s the dream I’m working on." — Amber Morley

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